B.O.D. (spontaneous additions)

B.O.D. is a little daily bonus for your health. Tack it onto your gym workout, do it on the way to the shower, or hit it before you go to bed for one last burst. It’s not supposed to be a workout substitute, just something you can do for 60-ish seconds that adds to your health in some way, either emotionally, mentally, or physically. Commit to one B.O.D. per day to remind you of your commitment to your health. It doesn’t have to be mine; add your own B.O.D. ideas here!


My awesome friend Lindsay says her “butt was super sore” the day after she bounced through a meeting on a stability ball at work. Try it! Grab a stability ball, and use it either at the gym for sit-ups, at home while you’re reading the paper, or even for an hour at work.

Or, do this stability ball plank move, below!

Don’t have a stability ball? Instead, your move of the day is to try to stand on one foot while brushing your teeth (from Dylan at Kidapt!)

Stability Ball Plank



Got this move from Tracy Gulbranson, the Core Charmer, who is an amazing yoga and CORE instructor, fitness trainer, and friend. It’s an elbow to instep lunge with a stretch built in! Do it down your hallway and back.

Thanks, T!

from ACE website


60 seconds of Dead Bug.

Lie on your back, push your belly button to your spine, and raise your legs and arms so they point towards the ceiling (bend your knees to offload your lower back). Alternate with pointing one leg and same side arm towards the floor, and then as you bring them back up lower the other two limbs. This guy below is alternating limb sides, but you can do right arm with right leg for an added balance challenge.


If you’re watching Monday Night Football tonight, or even if you aren’t, try to do as many triceps pushups as you can in 60 seconds. Your hand placement should be lower than your chest muscles, and closer in in a diamond shape. You can modify by putting the lower part of your quad (above your kneecaps); this is shown for the B.O.D. on 8/29/12.


Daniel “BikeBeast” Fresquez from L.A.suggests 15 mile bike rides. Since that is a little more than a bonus, let’s just pretend to be like Daniel, and instead do the bicycle for 60 seconds. Don’t let your lower back arch off the ground. Activate your whole core, and pull your toes towards your shins during this ab move.

Thanks, Daniel!


Saif Ali, star of 10 Acrobats debuting this weekend in SF, suggested today’s B.O.D.

60 seconds of unplugged, mindful ice water drinking. Here’s his post:

“I find that at any time during the day, if I take a moment to step away from what I’m doing and get a glass of water with 3 ice cubes (or 4 if the situation is dire) and then sit comfortably in a chair away from all devices and sip the water over about a minute, it helps relieve a lot of tension.”

Thanks, Saif! Break a leg tonight!

Another B.O.D.- 60 seconds wall sitOr, hover over your seat while you’re at the play / watching TV for one minute. (Lift your glutes off the chair and put the weight in your heels!)


Alternate Squat Thrusts for 30 seconds. Keep your hands on an elevated surface for a modification. It’s like a mountain climber, but instead of just running and touching the tip of your toes, try to land the front foot into a complete lunge each time. From the prone lunge, use your core to lift up your butt, and switch feet.


Do 2 sets of 30 seconds of step-ups for each leg on a chair. Don’t let your knee go past your toe, and try to push through your heel to step up. Go at a slow pace for more muscle work, or a fast pace for more cardio. Try to keep a neutral pelvis while doing this exercise! A fun way to up the challenge is to both bring the knee up as you straighten the chair’d leg, and also to try and not push off or touch the ground with the grounded foot.


You sit all day long. Stretch your hip flexors and avoid hamstring injuries! 30 seconds each one.


Happy Labor Day! Prone flutter kick for 30 seconds. Twice. That’s only 1 minute of your entire day! Great kick for your butt and lower back.


Try to do an L-sit for as many reps as it takes you to get to 20 seconds total. (If you can do 1 second at a time, try doing it 20 times for 1 second each!) You can do it on your floor or between two countertops with bent knees for a beginning progression. Great ab exercise.


Do 10 reverse flies. Still there? Do 10 more!

You can use no weights, 3 pound weights, or two full water bottles. This exercise will help you strengthen your upper back to improve your posture and work to combat the hunched-over-the-computer pattern our bodies get used to. You can even do these standing up without weight as a stretch– just imagine squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades.


…or on a stability ball


Do 5 inchworms.


5 single-leg touch downs per leg. This exercise is a great hamstring builder and will help improve your balance as well.

This guy has weight, but you can start out without weight. Keep your core tight and go slowly. As soon as your back starts to round or your form is compromised, stop and slowly push through the heel of the standing leg to come back up. If you can’t touch the floor, no worries! Your goal is to try!


1 minute of plank. For fun, pick up a different limb every 15 seconds.

Modified Plank: Don’t be on your kneecaps, have your core tight but your thighs right above your knee caps on the ground.


30 seconds of burpees.

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