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The internet, magazines, and bookstores are saturated with nutrition and health information peddled by non-experts, and it seems like those with the prettiest covers or sexiest messages (lose 40 pounds and get flat abs in 4 minutes a day!) are the ones who win. Unfortunately, these messages are not based in peer-reviewed research conducted by the actual experts.

This site is an attempt to siphon through all the trends and fads and find out what the true experts know as of today about what is healthy and why.  My goal is to helpfully summarize vetted, peer-reviewed research and provide sources for more information so you can come to your own well-informed conclusion. Peer-reviewed academic research is not without its flaws; but it is certainly a better place from which to ground your exploration than the top celebrity’s latest food whims.

Please ask any questions, share your thoughts, comments, recipes, or even new research studies!

Go in Health!

Marily O.


Marily Oppezzo has her Masters in Nutritional Science, is a Registered Dietitian, and is a PhD candidate at Stanford University. She has years of clinical and research experience, has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in nutrition and sports nutrition, and is committed to sharing accurate health information to the public. She is also a personal trainer and group aerobics instructor. Pictured below is not her puppy, but it is still cute, so there.

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  1. I love your site and what you represent. People need to hear the truth and in a down-to-earth, realistic way. Nachi recommended I connect with you. How can I reach you?

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