What’s up with that

Hey, this blog is not about me or what I had for breakfast, (thank gawd!) Instead, it’s all about you and what you should have for breakfast! :)! Actually, it’s my take on what the research says about hot nutrition and fitness topics and questions. Lots of the literature and new research studies are not immediately available to, or palatable for, the public. The people are at the mercy of celebrities telling them two moves that made them fit into a Batman suit, or schleps that oversimplify and don’t deeply understand nutrition research, or worse, schleps that read one study and try and tell people that eggs will kill you (they won’t!). So, this blog is intended as my attempt to clear all that up.

Please ask me questions so I can try to answer them, give me feedback so I can get better, and eat kale.

Go in Health!

Marily O


PS- The first few entries were blogs previously posted on nutrivise.tumblr.com. They were awesome enough to inspire me to do this. So, yay nutrivise!


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